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LIRR Customers:

In addition to New York City Transit buses and subways, My Trip is expanded to include customized travel information for Long island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, and Long island Bus.

Click on Trip Planner to access railroad schedules and an interactive regional map. Click on Trip Planner Tools to enter your comments about My Trip, to submit a Delay Verification request, to find out about Elevator and Escalator status, to see Service Advisories, to access the Mobile Trip planner, to report Lost & Found items, to download a My Trip widget, to link to our Sightseeing pages, and to check MetroCard Fares.

The custom planner will help you plan your next trip on the New York City Transit, Long Island and Metro-North railroad systems. Customize your trip with optional preferences on travel time, walking distance, transfer options, method of service and accessible travel.

Help - Custom Planner

  • Enter (origin) starting point (Building address, Street intersection, Landmark, station)
  • Enter your destination point (Building address, Street intersection, Landmark, station)
  • Select either departure time from your starting point (origin) or arrival time at your destination. Then, enter the time and date you want to depart the starting point (origin) or the time and date you want to arrive at you destination in the pull down menus.
  • Accessible Trip Choose yes or no to an accessible trip. By selecting yes your trip is planned taking into account wheelchair accessible service.

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With Add Optional Preferences you can further customize your trip with even more alternatives.

  • Minimize my: Fare, Transfers, Travel time, or Walking
    NOTE: Minimizing travel time prioritizes total travel time, but may increase the number of transfers given; minimizing Walking prioritizes walking distance, but may exclude more direct itineraries; minimizing Transfers is the most common option.
    Click the arrow to view pull down menu and select one of the above options to define your search.
  • I want to walk no more then: Selections are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 mile increments (1 mile is approximately 20 city blocks)
  • Travel by: Choose your preferred method of travel: Subway, Bus, Express Bus, or Rail
  • Route Preference: Select Start Service/Select End Service
    Train, Train type (Subway, LIRR or Metro-North), Route
    Bus, Borough (or Long Island), Route
    Express Bus, Borough (or Long Island), Route

Trip Planner - Tips for entering addresses, intersections, and landmarks:

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For railroad searches you must enter a zip code

  • There's no need to type in Street or St or Avenue or Ave (example use 188 Madison, not 188 Madison Avenue) unless either is part of the name (example use 3000 Avenue X, not 3000 X)
  • Leave out street direction (example use 75 33rd not 75 East 33rd St or 257 6th instead of 257 N 6th St)
  • Apartment or suite numbers are not needed

Search Examples
For... Type...
188 Madison Ave 188 Madison
75 E 33rd Street 75 33rd
3000 Avenue X 3000 Ave X

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  • Type in an ampersand "&" or a comma "," between street names to indicate an intersection.
    Example: Chambers & Broadway, or Flatbush, Empire
  • city, state, zip code or borough are not required
  • Leave out street direction designations. Example: use 89 & York instead of E 89th St & York Av

Search Examples
For... Type...
Chambers St and Broadway Chambers, Broadway
89th Street and York Avenue 89th & York
Flatbush Avenue and Church Avenue Flatbush, Church

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  • Trip Planner recognizes major landmarks including: government sites, points of interest, schools and colleges, sports and leisure, hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Type a landmark name, use as few words as possible, as many have short names or abbreviations that are easier to enter
  • You'll get a list of choices if there is more than one landmark with a similar name

Search Examples
For... Type...
Empire State Building Empire
Columbia University Columbia
Grand Central Station Grand

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Customers with Disabilities

If you are a customer with a disability, use this “Tips” page to learn the best options for planning a bus or subway trip. You have options for planning your trip:

Customize your bus, subway, or railroad trips with Plan & Ride trip planner.
Browse Planned Service Changes.
Learn elevator and escalator status before you travel.
Get more information about other MTA Accessible Services.

Via E-Mail
Get e-mail and text message alerts about service changes. Sign up here.

By Phone
Call 718-596-8585, or 718-596-8273 (TTY)
Speak to a travel information representative or TTY
Use Trip Planner Voice Aaudio service to plan bus,subway, or railroad trips

In the Subway
Look for Planned Service Changes posted in the subway. read more

Learn elevator and escalator status before you travel on the subway

New York City Transit Access-A-Ride Paratransit Services offers bus and subway travel training

  • You can receive this training if you have a qualifying disability
  • You do not have to use Paratransit Access-A-Ride services to receive bus and subway travel training.

Get more information about other MTA Accessible Service

Speak to a travel representative

  • Call MTA Transit Travel Information at 718-596-8585 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
  • Speak to a representative via TTY by phoning 718-596-8273 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
  • Tell the representative that you have a disability and need to plan a subway, bus, or rail trip.
  • Tell the representative your starting point, destination, the day and time you plan to travel, and your preferred mode of travel.

Look for Planned Service Changes notices in all subway stations

  • If you see the ADA icon on the bottom of a Planned Service Changes poster and/or brochure, it means the upcoming planned service change described on that notice will affect service to/from one or more ADA-subway stations.
  • During the service change, special notices are also displayed near elevators. These notices provide information for customers with mobility impairments who may need assistance.

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